Citroen Berlingo Explained

Citroen Berlingo Overview

The Citroen Berlingo, a compact and versatile van, is perfectly suited for the hustle and bustle of city driving. With its practical design and efficient use of space, the Berlingo is the ideal choice for those who need a reliable vehicle for both personal and professional use. This article delves into the specifics of the Citroen Berlingo, from its sizes and trims to performance and electric options, providing potential buyers with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Sizes and Trims

The Citroen Berlingo is available in two trim levels—Enterprise and Driver—and two sizes, M and XL, with the XL being the longer version. There is also a Double Cab variant that offers additional seating.

Trim Level Breakdown

  • Citroen Berlingo Enterprise includes air conditioning, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and cruise control as standard features, making it a solid choice for professionals seeking comfort and connectivity.
  • Citroen Berlingo Driver extends the Enterprise’s features with an electronic parking brake, rear parking sensors, and a rear parking camera, catering to those who value enhanced safety and convenience.

Additional Options

For those looking to customize their Berlingo, additional paid options include alloy wheels, a surround rear vision camera suite, and keyless entry and start, although these are only available on factory orders.

Colours and Variants

It is available in six colours: standard white, which is included in the price, and five additional metallic colours available at extra cost.


The Citroen Berlingo’s load space is practical and spacious:

  • Load Width: 1.55 meters across all variants.
  • Load Length: 1.82 meters for M, and 2.17 meters for XL.
  • Load Height: 1.24 meters for both sizes.

These dimensions ensure that the Berlingo can handle a variety of cargo needs, making it an extremely functional vehicle for businesses.

Double Cab

The Double Cab In Van (DCIV) variant features a second row of seats, which reduces the load area but increases passenger capacity, making it versatile for combined passenger and cargo use.

  • Load Length for XL DCIV: 1.45 meters

This variant is particularly useful for teams that need to transport both crew and equipment to sites.


All models of the Citroen Berlingo are available in two engine power levels, 100ps and 130ps, both designed to provide sufficient power for city driving and light cargo hauling. The fuel tank capacity is 50 litres, which supports long-range operations without frequent stops for refuelling.


The electric variant of the Citroen Berlingo offers several advantages over its diesel counterparts:

  • Range: An electric battery allows for an estimated range of 170 miles, ideal for day-long operations without the need for recharging.
  • E-Remote Control: Includes features such as climate pre-conditioning and remote charge monitoring, enhancing user convenience.

This variant maintains the same dimensions as the diesel versions, ensuring that choosing an electric model involves no compromise on space.


The Citroen Berlingo is a multifunctional van that comes in various models to suit different needs, from the standard Enterprise to the feature-rich Driver, and the spacious Double Cab. With options for electric variants and various customizations, the Berlingo offers flexibility and efficiency, proving to be a smart choice for businesses and individuals alike.

2024 Citroen Berlingo FAQ's

How many seats does the Citroen Berlingo have?

The standard version has 3 seats, while the Double Cab version has 5 seats, offering versatility in passenger capacity.

Can you stand up in the Citroen Berlingo?

No, the load height is 1.24 meters, which does not allow for an average adult to stand upright.

Does the Citroen Berlingo come with alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are not standard but can be added as a paid extra on factory orders.

Does the Citroen Berlingo have Apple Carplay/Android Auto?

Yes, all versions of the Citroen Berlingo are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Does the Citroen Berlingo have parking sensors?

The Driver model includes rear parking sensors, but the Enterprise model does not.

Does the Citroen Berlingo have air conditioning?

Yes, air conditioning is standard across all versions of the Citroen Berlingo.

Does the Citroen Berlingo have cruise control?

Yes, cruise control is included in all versions, enhancing driver comfort on longer journeys.

Does the Citroen Berlingo have a loadthrough hatch?

No, it does not have a loadthrough hatch.

How many side loading doors does the Citroen Berlingo have?

There is one side loading door, located on the passenger side, which facilitates easy access to the load area.

What is the MPG of the Citroen Berlingo?

The Citroen Berlingo achieves up to 56.5 miles per gallon, making it an economical option for both city and extended driving.

Does the Citroen Berlingo come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind with new vehicle purchases.

What is the service interval on the Citroen Berlingo?

The service interval is every 25,000 miles or every 24 months, ensuring that the vehicle remains in optimal condition with regular maintenance.

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